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independence, nonpartisanship, democracy, pluralism, intercultural understanding, inclusion, empowerment, contribution, and cooperation

What is EYP?

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is an organization whose purpose is educating young people on current European problems in a parliamentary aspect.

As a network organization, EYP operates in 40 European countries and organizes over 500 events per year and if we aggregate the days, we exceed 1200 days and 30,000 active members.

EYP was founded in 1987, and has since then taken huge steps towards connecting Europe and its different cultures. Today, EYP is one of the largest European platforms for political debate, education on topics concerning Europe and the exchange of ideas among young Europeans.

About EYP Croatia

The European Youth Parliament Croatia (EPMH) is one of 40 national branches of the European Youth Parliament (EYP). Our organization was launched in Croatia in 1994.

Over the years, we have organized over 40 sessions (EYP days, regional and national sessions) that gathered over 5000 young participants. We’ve had the honour of hosting two international sessions, the largest and most significant event within the association with the support of the European Youth Parliament headquarters in Berlin.

We are a non-governmental and non-profit organization based on the principle of youth working for youth. We encourage young people to develop an open dialogue and strive to establish an environment where different cultures, opinions, and attitudes throughout Europe interact.

Iadera 2016

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire youth and support them in developing their roles in society through debates and international dialogue. In cooperation with 39 national EYP branches, we open the door to hundreds of young people every year.

Upcoming events

EYP Croatia organises 3 Outreach Weekends, 4 Regional Selection Conferences,
1 National Selection Conference in a year and holds monthly meetings.

zadar 2019 logo

29th National Selection Conference of EYP Croatia - Zadar 2019.

March 28th (27th for Officials) to March 31st.


EYP day Opatija

April 13th


Outreach Weekend Požega

April 26th to April 28th


Outreach Weekend Varaždin

June 7th to June 9th


Regional Session Rijeka

September 26th to September 29th


Regional Session Šibenik

October 24th to October 27th


Regional Session Osijek

November 21st to November 24th


Regional Session Zagreb

December 19th to December 22nd